Let’s face it, the world is sick. With corrupt politicians, an unreliable economy, and greedy corporations, it’s no surprise that we live in a toxic soup of pollution, nuclear radiation, food additives, fracking chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, GMOs, EMFs from cell phones, wi-fi and “smart meters”, fluoride… the list goes on. The effects of living in this toxic environment is generally downplayed, if not outright ignored, leaving people with little hope of getting to the bottom of their symptoms.

And the solutions offered by the pharmaceutical industry come with an overwhelming list of side effects that inevitably lead to an overall worse state of health. The very science these interventions are based on is corrupt to the core. From this perspective, the need for change seems obvious. But the alternatives that are offered are often missing the big picture, concentrating more on fantasy and political correctness than actual researched solutions.

The world is so out of whack in our current reality, so far off our ideal track, that getting back to the ideal state of being human is truly a radical act. Going against the inertia set in by a decaying world requires radical solutions. To be healthy in a wildly unhealthy world requires radical nutrition

That said, Radical Nutrition is the blog of me, Doug DiPasquale, Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) with a specialization in the Paleo-Ketogenic Diet. I’ve spent the last ten years digging and researching dietary information to get to the bottom of what constitutes the ideal human diet, driven by a passion for getting humans operating at their ultimate potential. I’ve been deeply affected by an understanding that, to get the world to a better place, we need to start with the health and functioning of the individual.

An inextricable part of this was my own journey to health. 10 years ago, I was, for lack of a better descriptor, fat and sick. Sure, I was moderately healthy, no major issues or diseases. But I was overweight, suffered from minor depression (something I only realized in retrospect) and had a series of seemingly minor complaints I simply accepted as “part of life”. When I transitioned from being a chef in the restaurant industry to being a holistic nutritionist, I had the foundations for what it takes to get myself on track.

But things didn’t change overnight. I started applying what I had learned in Holistic Nutrition school and started making some progress. I lost some weight, felt a little better, but still lacked the overall transformation I was hoping for. So I kept researching. Every new discovery brought something new to the table, which I was able to implement and measure the results.

By the time I discovered the Paleo Diet, I’d already come pretty close to it in my own diet. I’d already ditched the sugar, the gluten, the soy and the dairy (as well as inflammatory foods like nightshades) and had been influenced a great deal by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Having a label like “Paleo” was helpful in a lot of ways, and it was through reading a lot about the Paleo Diet that I discovered the ketogenic diet. This is when things really changed.

I dropped weight quickly and with little effort. My brain started to function much better, my mood stabilized and I suddenly had a lot more energy than I ever had previously. I started working out, something I’d never done more than dabble in previously since I simply didn’t have the energy.


Doug, before and after


But I didn’t just discover dietary approaches. I was looking into all sorts of information on detoxing, stress, sleep and even seemingly unrelated issues like “what’s wrong with the world”, community, human connection, psychology and how all these things affect our health. You’ll see much of this reflected on this website, which is part of why I chose the term “radical” to describe it.

I was also greatly affected by the Éiriú Eolas breathing program when I discovered it. So much so that I became certified as an instructor, teaching classes in the Toronto area for the last 5 years. Breathing exercises are a wildly under-appreciated tool for dealing with the stressors we’re faced with daily in this crazy world. The human being wasn’t designed to deal with what we face daily, so having a means of mitigating this constant assault is invaluable.

My journey has been going on 10 years at this point, but it’s far from over. I think part of the understanding of health is the realization that there is no end point. It’s a constant striving to better oneself on multiple levels. Sure, there are some major goals along the way, but new discoveries are happening all the time, and you always need to be ready to throw out what you “know” if the evidence points in another direction. Getting comfortable with change was a big part of my journey, as I think it is for most.

I realize that this site might be a little overwhelming at first. There is a lot of information here already, and it’s only going to grow. Have a look around, see what you like and what you don’t, and don’t be afraid to shoot me an email with a question or a comment, or leave them in the comments section. A lot of times, questions from readers inspire posts, so you’ll be doing me a favour.

You can also hear me weekly on the SOTT Radio Network‘s Health and Wellness Show. SOTT stands for Signs of the Times, a huge alternative news site which I contribute to regularly, both on the radio show and in articles. Our show airs weekly on Blog Talk Radio at 10 am EST. It’s a lot of fun and we elucidate a lot of topics within the health world. And we love call-ins!

Have any questions, comments or interesting links? You can contact Doug via email at doug@radicalnutrition.net. Doug is also available for private nutritional consultation.